Sarantos has released the 12-song album, “A Spoonful of Greece” featuring multiple iTunes chart hits and his new single, “Same Old Christmas.” Sarantos is a chart-topping musician, singer-songwriter and philanthropist, based in Chicago. With international iTunes and radio chart hits, in addition to over 350K Spotify streams, he continues to expandContinue Reading

“Point Me East” is sung from the perspective of “The Husky Clipper,” the racing shell used to win Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. CHICAGO, IL –November 21, 2022– Known for his emotional vocal delivery, his inspiring acoustic melodies and his moving lyrics, John McDonough enjoyed breakout success in 2021, with theContinue Reading

Since its founding in 1976 Athena Talent Management has been a leader in shaping and guiding the careers of not just actors, but musicians, comedians, authors and others.  Founded by Gloria Tait, Athena Talent has been at the forefront of shaping the careers of those in the entertainment business.  JoinedContinue Reading

Dioneesus is a Pittsburgh based artist combining elements of rock, hip-hop, and experimental music to create a unique blend of pioneered sound. His lyrics paint vivid pictures of compelling stories that bring scenes and characters to life to accompany the backdrop of sonic textures. Each track is an evolution in anContinue Reading