Veteran producer Tony Mantor offers his wise perspective in new-single, “Why Not Me”

Making his way through the competitive music industry of Nashville, veteran producer Tony Mantor knows how it feels to face setbacks and then glance at the goals you once set for yourself. Hills turn into mountains, puddles into oceans, and what you thought was headed your way looks further away than ever before. However, when it comes down to it, we are our toughest critics. So next time you are at the bottom, looking up asking “Why Not Me”, take a second to look around and ask the same question. You’ll get more out of it than you ever thought. 

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The journey to the top is not linear. Whether it be figurative or literal there is no right way to make it up there, it is simply a game of trial and error for everyone. You will fail and you will fall… so why do we put so much pressure on ourselves as if that is not okay? Tony Mantor with his calm composition of piano and guitar, brings solace to the worried listener. Looking towards dreams that you have placed atop the largest mountains, even just starting the climb looks intimidating. In these moments, who else do we look towards for support than those around us? Deepening the warmth of his track with a choral of voices behind him, Mantor reminds those listening that although they may not be visible, there is a whole team cheering you on.

Singing, “I’ll never know if I don’t try” Mantor reflects on all of his paths explored to find the one that doesn’t end in a dead end. Without such tests, he couldn’t sit back today and be so sure that he found the career made for him. Being alright with the idea of failing and falling made the failures and falls feel less “end of the world” and more “try again.” This determination was his best friend in an industry as vigorous as music and with this release Mantor hopes that his messages of perseverance reach young hopefuls today. No matter what the goal, or the odds, try. You don’t want to end up the one observing others living the way you dreamed of, constantly asking, “Why Not Me.” You are meant for more, so allow yourself to get there.

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