With the recent happenings on twitter from cheapening the blue check to a vanity badge, celebrities leaving and advertisers suspending or leaving it will soon be irrelevant to musicians, actors, etc.  I’ve been a publicist since before computers and the internet was a thing and way before Twitter was aContinue Reading

From the moment she hit the scene with Come And Find Me Sarah Sunday has been putting out bangers that drive the punters to the dance floor and get’s your foot tapping everytime you Stream  that Song.  Following up with Hits Mental Zoo and Ink My Skin Sarah ‘s  songsContinue Reading

Lyric videos have always been around since the days of the silent movies but were known as sing a longs as you sang along with the words on the screen with the bouncing ball. NOW the LYRIC VIDEO follows in that great tradition of the sing-a-longs of days gone bye.Continue Reading