A:  Curiosity. Both in music and people. A:  Move silently, slip in and out of the shadows, blend with the crowd…Sorry, lost in thought. Thought I was playing Assassin’s Creed again. A: Probably Simon Le Bon’s, that way I would pretend to be him and get into all the bestContinue Reading

1. What turns you on, creatively or otherwise?  Whenever I’m playing guitar and I’m laying down some new ideas for future songs. You know, ideas are just flowing and you’re mixing and matching chords and riffs. Finding the perfect melody for the vocal line is an extreme turn on forContinue Reading

1. What turns you on, creatively or otherwise?  It could be anything – what’s on the news, what music I’m listening to, what scenery I’m looking at, what city I’m living in or what person I’m around. Creating is an emotional thing often so whatever stimuli is present – itContinue Reading

Glam/Sleaze rockers Lÿnx are carrying the classic rock torch from Calgary, Canada to the world. With their brand new EP, “Long Live Rock n Roll,” featuring the single, “Shake It Up” and their take no prisoners attitude, Lÿnx is picking up where bands like Skid Row, GnR, and Mötley CrüeContinue Reading

The album will be released on September 29, 2022. Music gave me something to be incessantly obsessive with and I had never experienced that with anything else. That’s when I knew I was doing something special. Something with passion.” — HiddenLif, Storyteller Kalif Shear, more popularly known as HiddenLif, is aContinue Reading

The Sky Is Falling.. The new Hit Banger from Sarah Sunday!  Sarah Sunday has just come out with the well awaited arrival of Her 4th and Most Brilliant Single Apply Titled::     TSIF  – THE SKY IS FALLING –  This latest release is fun filled Alt Pop with aContinue Reading

With Rhythm and Rhymes that take you back to the iconic days of MTV when Hip Hop  and Rap was just emerging to the masses, Michael Seuss echoes the sounds of  LL Cool J, NAS , Method Man, and Jay Z.!  His lyrical prowess is a fresh infusion to theContinue Reading

Get ready to Dive In The Pool One More Time.. the Iconic Legendary Queen of The Dance Floor, Pepper MaShay, has another banger coming out just in time for GLBTQ PRIDE that will pack the dance floor to pre pandemic levels!   “Dancin’ Lights Part 2” which is slated toContinue Reading