Ananda Xenia Shakti Hits UK iTunes Top 3 With “Super High Vibe Song to Awaken in You The Festival of Life”

Founding member of girl-punk band, B Girls-turned-yoga master and meditation artist returns with 8-minute epic musical journey, “No More Limits”

As a founding member of infamous girl-punk band, B GirlsAnanda Xenia Shakti toured the world, opening for legendary punk rock band, The Clash.  She’s also sang back-up on some of Blondie’s biggest hits, on the album, “Autoamerican.” On her own, and with Love Power The Band, Ananda has amassed more than 100K Spotify streams for her signature blend of meditation, relaxation, world, dance and pop music. Her singles, “Cosmic Quiver” and “I Am Love” both reached the UK iTunes Top 3, and her music videos have been watched more than 40K times on Youtube.

Now, Ananda has returned to the UK Top 3 with her epic, 8-minute opus that she describes as a “super high vibe song to awaken in you, ‘The Festival of Life.”  “No More Limits” (MTS Records) is the August 12th, 2022 single release from the internationally renowned yoga creator and instructor.  A music video is currently in production.

“In the high altitudes of Peru, while on pilgrimage in Machu Picchu, I was ‘given’ this song in my capacity of a Inter-Dimensional conduit for Higher Realm wisdom,” Ananda says. “No More Limits’ is expressing our evolution to New Earth. It is a song full of love and inspiration and a mirror of the High Vibrational Light at the core of every human being. It offers instructions about how to navigate life, from limited ideas to living the infinite potential of Cosmic Ideals, as a Heaven Earth Being. The song sings of our present awakening and future realities and invites us to live life as a festival with ‘no more limits’ to beauty and love. ‘No More Limits’ is full of vibrational healing that will help you shed the old imprints that create limitations and become new and free.”

About Ananda Xenia Shakti:

Ananda Xenia Shakti & Love PowerThe Band creates “Music for Body and Soul, Vibrational Healing and Celebrating the Festival of Life.”   

As an inter-dimensional intuitive artist, Ananda receives the songs of Love Power the Band while in a semi trance state, acting as a conduit for “Higher Realm Wisdom.”  She says, “The songs focus on offering blessings and inspiration to the listeners, while celebrating the innate Divinity that lives within every Soul. Love Power the Band’s music asks you to sing, dance and be ready to hear cosmic truth spoken in straight talk.” 

A Love Power The Band concert is a unique happening. When performed live, their songs become pieces of interactive music, where the hive that gathers for the show is given a part in the song and holds that down, dissolving the barrier between performer and audience, and handing the show over to the music and oneness. Interactive Music symbolically holds Ananda’s vision of love, life and oneness. She believes we are born of the “Song of the Divine.”  ”Our truest heart’s longing is to reunite with the Divine Song,” she says. “We exist to remind each other, we are divine, and we can change the world. She believes that music is one of the greatest inspirations for transformation”.

#3 iTunes UK Worldwide Songs 8/16/2022