Harmony Dreamers Release Debut Album Featuring Musicians From Every Continent

Releasing on August 26, 2022, “I Come From Earth” offers a message of worldwide unity.

Harmony Dreamers’ sensational debut album, “I Come From Earth,” is a truly global record in both outlook and execution. The new studio project of prolific songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Byron Lee Scott, it offers a timely message of worldwide unity with contributions from an array of top-flight musicians from every continent, including 20 international backup singers.

“I Come From Earth” is released worldwide on Aug. 26, 2022, with free streaming and downloads already available on Harmony Dreamers’ website. Ultra-melodic, rich in cultured harmonies, gorgeous orchestrations, and gentle psychedelia, Harmony Dreamers has earned comparisons to timeless greats including Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Steely Dan, and Crosby Stills & Nash.

From its humorous title track to sunny first single “Summertime Memory,” “I Come From Earth” melds diverse influences with a lyrical through-line of connection, togetherness, and optimism. Second single “Paro Paro Butterfly” is a collab with Filipina artist Shiruu, with English and Tagalog versions, while follow-up “First Song” celebrates the musical opportunities of the Web.

Centered upon Scott’s distinctive and versatile low-register vocals, I Come From Earth includes contributions from, among many others, Irish and Nigerian bassists; Spanish and Venezuelan percussionists; and singers from the U.S., Argentina, and Austria. A rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new musical phenomenon, the album is released on all digital platforms. https://www.harmonydreamers.com/