A:  Curiosity. Both in music and people. A:  Move silently, slip in and out of the shadows, blend with the crowd…Sorry, lost in thought. Thought I was playing Assassin’s Creed again. A: Probably Simon Le Bon’s, that way I would pretend to be him and get into all the bestContinue Reading

1. What turns you on, creatively or otherwise?  It could be anything – what’s on the news, what music I’m listening to, what scenery I’m looking at, what city I’m living in or what person I’m around. Creating is an emotional thing often so whatever stimuli is present – itContinue Reading

Renowned R&B singer  and Breast Cancer Survivor Tarsha Rodgers is pleased to announce the Fourth Annual “Still I Rise From Cancer” event 8 October at The Celebrity Centre International in LA. It’s a  Night of  Providing support, awareness  and awareness to Black Women about this unrelenting disease; also a TributeContinue Reading

The new album from vocalist / producer and beat maker Kudasaibeats. Entitled Silver Lining, the album reflects on special events throughout the artist’s life as a way to connect with his audience on a deeper level. Featuring a polished mix of chillwave, and hip hop, and lofi sounds, the albumContinue Reading

Residing from his home town of Harvey Louisiana, Pookie G is no stranger to the big stage. Garland Allen, aka Pookie G has recently jumped onto the rap scene, and is already finding a wave of early success. His most recent collaborations with well known artists such as Atlanta nativeContinue Reading

 Michelle Ward echos the vocal prowess of classic soul and Jazz singers. The sultry crooners of days gone by are revived in Her debut single “Dolly Daydreaming”. Poised  to rise to the Top Of The Pop  this is the first song from her forthcoming EP “Secret Songs. Find the songContinue Reading

Marco tha gr8 ( Marco Iwabuchi ) born and raised out of Austin TX is a Japanese/Hispanic music creator. Born on the 8th of October, Marco adopted the stage name, “tha gr8” because he was without a middle name. A true jack of all trades, he produces, writes and performs his ownContinue Reading