Afrobeats & Diverted Reggae Genius Mr PRO Shares Inspirational, Motivational And Affirmation Song ‘EURO MILLIONAIRE’

 The Afrobeats and Diverted Reggae maestro Mr PRO (Chukwuma) resurfaces on an inspirational, Motivational, and Affirmative note with the release of his new single, ‘EURO MILLIONAIRE ’. This motivational song draws from the thoughts and wisdom of the ancient. It has been written and it has been said that we become what we think about, man is what he thinks about all day long, as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. The question is: what do you want and what are you thinking?

‘I want prosperity, that’s why I think prosperity, and I sing, I’m a millionaire, EURO MILLIONAIRE heh-eh-eh-heh-eh’ – lines from the song. This song ‘EURO MILLIONAIRE’ is a global phenomenon, an international hit record, if you ask me.

‘EURO MILLIONAIRE ’ is just the right move towards the end of the year 2021, as the world is gradually escaping and surviving from the shocks of the pandemic. The lyrics are thus inspired by the deep and nourishing thoughts of great teachers such as Neville, Bob Proctor and Wesley Virgin. In Mr PRO’s lyrics, he writes: I live in abundance everyday, an avalanche of money is coming my way, money and I are friends, we never part ways, I love money and money loves me, we stick till my last day. He affirms that he owns Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover. In other words, he is living a luxurious lifestyle.

Mr PRO has always based his music to motivate others, apart from singing about love and relationships. His music is thus an amalgam of two powerful forces, love and motivation. For the year 2021, Mr PRO wants everyone to consider it a time of excellence in everything, from jobs and careers to relationships. Mr PRO will release more Motivational songs and videos as well as perform on the world’s most iconic music arenas to keep everyone going. When he chants ‘ARE YOU CHILLING!!!? Your response should be ‘YOH!!!’

“For me, there’s no failure. Failure is only real to those who accept it. I just see it as a lesson, a stepping stone towards success. When you fall, get up and keep moving!” says Mr PRO.

Known for his complete mastery of Afrobeats and Diverted Reggae, Mr PRO (Chukwuma) is now gaining international recognition. Apart from writing about love and motivational topics, he has also written songs of freedom for the people of Biafra.

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