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Producer/DJ Matthew Topper’s  music infuses an upbeat tempo, with catchy, well-chosen lyrics into contemporary EDM and House rhythms – creating a unique brand of music and vibrant atmosphere for listeners of all kinds. Matthew’s upcoming track, “What You Wanna Be”, set for release on Valentine’s Day, 2022, is a fitting continuation of his latest singles based around love and heartbreak. This ever-so relatable topic, matched with Matthew’s crafted sound is sure to once again captivate audiences all over the world. 

Born into a family of musicians, Matthew had a unique start to his career. Growing up in New Jersey, EDM wasn’t just a genre of music, it was a lifestyle. Matthew’s early releases showcased his love for Big Room house, but with recent inspiration coming from artists like Jonas Blue, Joel Corry, and Breathe Carolina, he has made his mark on the Future House scene.

Matthew’s online presence began to grow as he created remixes and mashups in college.  These remixes, along with some originals, can be found on record pools such as Digital Music Pool and ZipDJ. 

Now, after having been in the industry for 15 years and developing a sound of his own, he is performing all over the country, with shows from New York City, to Miami, to Las Vegas. His limitless energy, true knowledge of his craft, and ability to connect with any crowd make him a sought-after DJ. 

His latest hit,  “I Miss Your Touch”, released in December of 2021, has over 25,000 streams and is quickly rising to the top. Matthew’s music is on about every platform with more to come through the remainder of this year. Several new tracks are on the way, with the highly anticipated track “What You Wanna Be” releasing February 14, 2022. Instagram:
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