Industrial NuMetal Band Crossbreed Returns With New Music

Industrial NuMetal band CROSSBREED is BACK!! After re-forming and playing a handful of sold-out shows last year, “glow-in-the-dark” cybermetal headbangers, and long-time underground favorites, CROSSBREED will release (12-15-22) their first new music after reforming in 2021.

For the latest single titled “No F**ks Given”, original singer/frontman James Breed, and longtime keyboard player/producer Ian Hall have teamed up with scene heavy hitters Rick “St1tch” Thomas (Mushroomhead/Ventana), Angel Bartolotta (Dope/Genitorturers/PIG), Dro Simoes (Deadstar Assembly), and members of Team Cybergeist to produce a “made-for-the-crowd” banger that perfectly sums up the general mood going into 2023 and also aims to celebrate NGAF as a lifestyle!?

Singer/Frontman James Breed explains, “After the death of our former bass player Corey “Mudman” Floyd last year, we wanted to make a song to honor his memory. This was a guy that lived his life with no f**ks given and this song fully reflects that attitude. We found out about his passing the day before playing a show in our hometown of Tampa, Florida. There were many friends and family in the crowd, in the middle of the set we broke the news, as sad as it was, there ended up being a great moment where the whole crowd was chanting “no f**ks given” as loud as they could so he could hear it from the great beyond. We ended up with a recording of the crowd that night and used it in the new single. It was crazy to have such a real and raw moment become a central part of our first release in over a decade, and to have all those people in our hometown be a part of it. This is a song for all the people we have lost that lived life with no f**ks given, the ones who still live the NFG lifestyle, and are f**king proud of it!”

For fans of CROSSBREED, the electrifying stage presence and aggressive live shows have long been core factors of their appeal. While the band has committed to playing at least a handful of shows in 2023, they’ve also stated their main focus will be creating more music, videos, and experiences for fans.

Keyboardist/Vocalist Ian Hall said “there is no date for a full album release but several new songs have been recorded. We are also working on a CROSSBREED-themed comic book that will help to build a world around some of the new music and signature mutant/cyberpunk aesthetic the band is known for.”