Yona Marie (AKA Rachel Marie) is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter and composer from Maryland. Not too long ago, she released an endearing R&B tune, entitled, “I’m Still Loyal”. ‘I’m Still Loyal’ showcases the raw feeling of love and loyalty between two people who are in a committed relationship. Also, the song isContinue Reading

2021 has been an impressive year for singer-songwriter Vandi Lynnae, who has continued to release a steady flow of singles, from heartfelt ballads to EDM remixes over the past twelve months. Her latest release, ‘Holiday Healing’, is a Christmas album that will be available on the 24th of December 2021. ThroughoutContinue Reading

Musicians from the United States to Portugal have joined forces to create a brand new album of amazing music. Like The Beatles, they’re having hit after hit at the hands of the main singer-songwriter, Nolen R. Chew Jr. They’re called ‘The Star Prairie Project’ and it was Nolen who brought them together. NamedContinue Reading