Free Mace’s new album “Better off Bitter” is releasing 7/19/24. This new album was independently produced, engineered and funded from a home studio location in Jacksonville, FL. All processes were done by Mason Thomas Staub over 3 years time.  Mason sat down to answer some questions in this one-one-one interview…Continue Reading

Amidst the rising temperature of summer, Wandour unveils his latest single, “Away,” set to hit all major streaming platforms on July 22. Known for his “almost crystalline like” riffs and captivating melodies, Wandour is an indie electronic music producer hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia. With his latest track “Away,” Wandour aims to transportContinue Reading

Matt Oakley knows how to do breakup songs. He puts his boot down in his new breakup anthem, “Can’t Take The Dogs,” highlighting a big issue in a lot of splits – who gets the dogs. Matt Oakley’s cinematic music video brings this song to life as he is movingContinue Reading here // FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 15 APRIL 2024 (MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA) – Ryan Cruise’s ‘Diary of a Recluse’ Vlog Series and latest contemporary R&B track ‘2 Seater’ Is shattering expectations, unveiling his unparalleled talent and unfiltered authenticity.For 2 Seater, Cruise delivers a mesmerizing blend of contemporary R&B, inviting listeners on a journeyContinue Reading

Belle Lundon’s latest single, “Space Cadet,” catapults listeners into the cosmos with an ethereal atmosphere and introspective lyricism. From the get-go, the track delivers on its promise of an otherworldly experience, weaving vast synths and mystical pan flute melodies to create a celestial soundscape that feels both enchanting and captivating.Continue Reading

Luanne Hunt’s latest album, “Miles and Memories,” invites listeners on a captivating journey through the landscapes of country and folk music, weaving a rich tapestry of traditional instrumentation and heartfelt storytelling. Rooted in the soulful sounds of Americana, this album pulsates with life and character, drawing audiences into its evocativeContinue Reading

DPB, or David Paul Brooks, has proven himself a formidable force in the music industry with his latest single, “Undefeated 3.0 (Radio Edit)”. This track showcases his exceptional talent, seamlessly blending hip-hop, gospel, and soul into a captivating and uplifting piece of music. Right from the start, “Undefeated 3.0 (RadioContinue Reading

Lolly Lee’s self-titled debut album emerges as a shining gem in the musical landscape, seamlessly blending elements of rock, country, and Americana to create a sound that is uniquely her own. With 11 tracks brimming with infectious energy, heartfelt lyrics, and powerful vocals, this album serves as a testament toContinue Reading