Renowned R&B singer  and Breast Cancer Survivor Tarsha Rodgers is pleased to announce the Fourth Annual “Still I Rise From Cancer” event 8 October at The Celebrity Centre International in LA. It’s a  Night of  Providing support, awareness  and awareness to Black Women about this unrelenting disease; also a TributeContinue Reading

Smashby has been on the scene since he was 17 belting out Top of The Pops bangers and collaborating with Drag Race Stars Aja and Divinia De Campo, rubbing shoulders with Olly Alexander along with legend Sir Ian McKellen on the UK’s Channel 4 (home of the Original Queer AsContinue Reading

Whimsical, imaginative and ethereal are all words to describe Arizona born and bred indie pop artist Summy. Now based in Los Angeles, the young social media influencer and otherworldly songwriter crafts music inspired by her personal experiences and her deepest desire to inspire other women to be strong, embrace growth, andContinue Reading

When it comes to singer-songwriters, K.K. Hammond is a particularly interesting breed of performer. Combining many different eclectic influences into her music, she’s a one of a kind musician, especially with a slide guitar in her hands. She channels a very specific type of sound through her various inspirations, andContinue Reading

From the moment she hit the scene with Come And Find Me Sarah Sunday has been putting out bangers that drive the punters to the dance floor and get’s your foot tapping everytime you Stream  that Song.  Following up with Hits Mental Zoo and Ink My Skin Sarah ‘s  songsContinue Reading

Get Funky Boogie Woogie Oggie  Nu Disco Down DJ/Producer Nicky Roland takes you back to the sounds of the disco era. A banger that would’ve filled the dance floor of Studio 54! The funk Box was an early drum machine used in funk and disco tracks Nicky Roland gives theContinue Reading

PR IS…  My PR journey of of 30 years   I came into PR via the music industry in the mid 80s  around 1985 friends and I decided to start a band because that is what you did in the 80s.  My best friend at the time was a drummerContinue Reading