They Say You Still Want A Revolution~  Ronzoni Calzone, vocalist, instrumentalist and Activist rises the bar making music for a Revolution. With that heart of Rock and Roll flair that vibes of the Age of Aquarius Ronzoni Calzone is a BMI affiliated Vocalist/Instrumentalist/Activist making music for a Revolution! Currently workingContinue Reading

See What’s On With Top of The Charts Dance Diva Carmen Jackson. A mashup of Jazz and Dance, her  dance song “Where Do We Go From Here ~ The Remix”  will have you dancing the night away!  Carmen echoes the vibes of Lisa Stansfiled to Sade with that dash ofContinue Reading

“It Started With a Lie” opens on Friday February 3rd at the Long Beach Playhouse! What happens when a sports drink gets swapped for Liquid Viagra!?? Sex Lies Hallucinations and Strange Bedfellows! I sure hope you join the FUN!! Get your Tickets here… In brief it’s the tale ofContinue Reading

It’s hard to choose what to listen to since there is so much music out there, the best bet is to listen to a wee bit of everything. I grew up listening to a plethora of music thanks to my mum and Nana who were very eclectic in what wasContinue Reading

DJS do it with 12 inches …  An Icon of the Dance Music Scene… DJ/Producer Nicky Roland has released a  new banging hits . Tokyo 3000: inspired by the Coalesce Sound and Vision parties, aiming to capture some of the energy and quirkiness of said parties, smashed together with aContinue Reading

A:  Curiosity. Both in music and people. A:  Move silently, slip in and out of the shadows, blend with the crowd…Sorry, lost in thought. Thought I was playing Assassin’s Creed again. A: Probably Simon Le Bon’s, that way I would pretend to be him and get into all the bestContinue Reading

1. What turns you on, creatively or otherwise?  Whenever I’m playing guitar and I’m laying down some new ideas for future songs. You know, ideas are just flowing and you’re mixing and matching chords and riffs. Finding the perfect melody for the vocal line is an extreme turn on forContinue Reading

Selfish Bodies, a female lead Canadian Alt Pop Rock trio, latest single ‘Hideous’ was produced by Juno nominated Brandon Unis and Robbie Townsend. Hideous is the second single in a new era of music for the band that blends familiar sounds from past decades with fresh vibes of the 2020s.Continue Reading