Country Chart-Topper Pamela Hopkins Releases Self-Deprecating Single “Squirrel Train”

The Little Rock, AR singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist sings about her ADHD on “Squirrel Train,” out on November 25, 2022.

With her last single release, “Straight Shooter” Little Rock’s country music powerhouse Pamela Hopkins enjoyed another Top 10 UK iTunes country chart hit. The single reached #14 on the National Radio Hits Country chart, earning more than 100K Spotify streams. With nearly 2 Million streams on the platform, the prolific singer-songwriter isn’t one to slow down any time soon.

On Friday, November 25th, Pamela releases her latest single, “Squirrel Train.” Co-written by Hopkins, Dave Lenahan and Scott Barrier, the new song is Pamela’s ode to her band, and her ADHD moments that inspired the group’s moniker.

Pamela says, “This was such a fun writing session with Dave and Scott!  I call my band the “Squirrel Train Band” because I’m really scatter-brained and sometimes, just all over the place with my ADHD.  We were talking about what to write about one day, and I told them I would love to write a funny song about me/my band name…and this song is what we came up with!  I know a lot of adults who can relate to the words of this song—I think we all have the “ADHD/ADD moments” in life—I mean, isn’t that why we start our day off with coffee? I am so excited about this release and LOVE how this song turned out!!! The talented musicians that built my vision for this song, are simply amazing.  When you hear it, you’ll understand what I mean.”

ABOUT PAMELA HOPKINS: Little Rock, Arkansas native Pamela Hopkins is a powerhouse singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Hopkins has topped the international iTunes sales charts 5 times. Her music videos have received accolades at film festivals around the globe. Pamela is a Josie Music Awards winner and a three-time 2022 Arkansas Country Music Awards nominee. Pamela regularly performs in piano bars, Norwegian Cruise Ships and clubs across the US. She recently performed for US troops in Alaska, Guam, Japan and more. Pamela is sponsored by Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey. More details about Pamela Hopkins and her discography can be seen at