Drew Ryder Smith’s song “Free” captures the essence of love and the sacrifices made for dreams. 

Drew Ryder Smith’s incredible song “Free,” released with his self-titled EP on May 30, delves into the theme of love, sacrifice, and the pursuit of dreams. Through the verses, Smith explores the challenges of chasing aspirations in a tough town while struggling with financial constraints. 

Take a listen to “Free” by Drew Ryder Smith on YouTube: https://youtu.be/eNHtaj-2Keg?si=1ZAo1HqKBoSWp4B_ 

In the verses, Smith sings about the conflict between artistic pursuits and financial reality. The dreams come at a cost that is not easily affordable, leading to a sense of unfulfilled potential. The chorus emphasizes the protagonist’s commitment to their passion, symbolized by playing the guitar and driving an old car, despite the allure of material comforts. The juxtaposition of a “real go-getter” and the authenticity of the protagonist’s love highlights the theme of prioritizing love and sincerity over superficial wealth.

Smith acknowledges the partner’s pursuit of a lavish lifestyle and acknowledges their desire for success. However, they also assert their readiness to remain steadfast, embracing their chosen path even if it doesn’t lead to riches. The song’s conclusion echoes the refrain that love should have been cherished regardless of its cost. Through its descriptive lyrics and heartfelt melody, “Free” captures the universal theme of valuing love and authenticity over materialistic aspirations.

Take a listen to the full EP here: ffm.to/drewrydersmith-ep 

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