Rising Indonesian Indie Artist, Wandour, Captures the Essence of Summer Nights with His Dreamy, Hard-Hitting House Anthem, ‘Away’.

Amidst the rising temperature of summer, Wandour unveils his latest single, “Away,” set to hit all major streaming platforms on July 22. Known for his “almost crystalline like” riffs and captivating melodies, Wandour is an indie electronic music producer hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia.

With his latest track “Away,” Wandour aims to transport listeners into a dreamlike summer night’s journey, where fluffy white clouds mingle with the stars and moon. Discussing his use of analog equipment to produce his trademark sweet, saccharine synth sounds, Wandour shared, “I often enhance my synth with a mix of rainbow and cosmic dust, along with sand from my hometown beach,” he said, half-jokingly. This whimsical approach underscores the unique, ethereal quality of his music.

Wandour shared his thoughts on his latest release, stating, “‘Away’ is more than just a song; it’s a gateway to a tranquil realm. I aimed to craft a track that captures the warmth and freedom of summer while offering a sonic retreat from daily life. I hope it becomes a cherished companion for many during their most treasured moments this season.”

“Away” marks a distinctive highlight in Wandour’s evolving discography, masterfully combining a potent, hard hitting acidic bass line with ethereal, dreamy synths and vocals. This track captures the essence of a vibrant and eclectic summer night, making it a perfect addition to any serotonin mood driven beach music playlist, pool party, or summer night drive.

Wandour’s unique ability to fuse pop, synth-wave, electro, house, and techno stems from his extensive back and forth shuttling between London, Shanghai, and Jakarta. “I simply gather all the different inspirations from these places and blend them into something I’d love to play while relaxing on the beach,” Wandour explained from one of his studio in Shanghai.

Looking ahead, Wandour remains dedicated to advancing the frontiers of electronic music in his hometown. He is passionate about leveraging his music to unite diverse audiences, showcasing electronic music as a universal language with the power to bring people together.

You can preview the track on Wandour’s SoundCloud and Youtube channel: https://on.soundcloud.com/8kV5qnCy3k21kwG97

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