FOUND is the latest release from Hip Hop Rap Pheno RUGGO, This brilliantly talented recording artist’s lyrical prowess is masterful; lyrically he uses his platform to express relatable sentiment which is always in tune by the timeless vibes of classic Hip Hop. Yet, RUGOO  does so much more than justContinue Reading

Mysterious and Unknown the artist behind Bad Bubble Music puts out music that will take you back to the early days of Synth Music. Echoing the roots of The Pet Shop Boys, Erasure and Depeche Mode it’s clear that Bad Bubble has resurrected the true sound of New Wave.  TheContinue Reading

Playlists are good and bad… they are good when you make your own, the can be good when you follow some of them but they can be bad too not just for listeners but musicians as they most of them charge music artists anywhere from $50 to $500 to haveContinue Reading

New Music is on the way from these amazing artists… New Music from Rap R&B Artist Reace Yung Rock and Roll to Feed Your Soul… Canadian Rocker Rich Chambers latest LP drops this July make sure and look for it so you can Rock Out this Summer From Manifest MusicContinue Reading

16 JUNE over at Biggs Radio a 90 min show of the greatest GLBTQP PRIDE anthems along with some history you may have not heard of~! Make sure to TUNE IN at 1pm EDT 12 NOON CDT the hear it again in the archives Reading

New Music coming soon from…. New Single from Cecil Homeboy Holden is due out soon New Music from Sara Sunday OTW New Music ON The Way From Earnest Williams Coming soon from Reace YungContinue Reading

New music coming from Charles Boulevard – the  trio that spans the European from Prague to Dublin has come up with something rarely seen. The new song “Infamous Last Words” was inspired by the Beatles (or at least their break up!) The Trio of experienced musicians in their own individualContinue Reading