A&R Consultancy/Artist Development From The Balfour Agency $800   3 month duration   Our goal is to nurture your talent, refine your skills, and help you thrive in the competitive music landscape.  The Artist Development programme is focused on identifying your next steps and taking action, which means being honest about whatContinue Reading

It’s hard to choose what to listen to since there is so much music out there, the best bet is to listen to a wee bit of everything. I grew up listening to a plethora of music thanks to my mum and Nana who were very eclectic in what wasContinue Reading

DJS do it with 12 inches …  An Icon of the Dance Music Scene… DJ/Producer Nicky Roland has released a  new banging hits . Tokyo 3000: inspired by the Coalesce Sound and Vision parties, aiming to capture some of the energy and quirkiness of said parties, smashed together with aContinue Reading

The OG sound of Synth is back!!! Mike Allen takes you back to the time when Synth Ruled.  In an age where most of the music coming out sounds all the same Mike gives you something refreshing yet familiar that’s not the same old usual lick. Music brings back andContinue Reading

From the moment she hit the scene with Come And Find Me Sarah Sunday has been putting out bangers that drive the punters to the dance floor and get’s your foot tapping everytime you Stream  that Song.  Following up with Hits Mental Zoo and Ink My Skin Sarah ‘s  songsContinue Reading

Get Funky Boogie Woogie Oggie  Nu Disco Down DJ/Producer Nicky Roland takes you back to the sounds of the disco era. A banger that would’ve filled the dance floor of Studio 54! The funk Box was an early drum machine used in funk and disco tracks Nicky Roland gives theContinue Reading

PR IS…  My PR journey of of 30 years   I came into PR via the music industry in the mid 80s  around 1985 friends and I decided to start a band because that is what you did in the 80s.  My best friend at the time was a drummerContinue Reading