There are too many playlists out there so what is someone to do?

There are too many playlists out there so what is someone to do?  Which ones do you follow or listen to?  The answer… none!  Make your own Playlist  and include a variety of music from all genres.. Never pigeon hole your  musical tastes~!

Here are some brilliant artists offering a plethora of different music styles that you need to add to you #OwnPlaylist  Check out the links on your favourite streaming service and follow them all on social media for exclusive updates and sneaky peaks. 

Dancin’ Lights Part 2 is the first new dance song in a few years from Icon Pepper Mashay~ best known for her hit Dive In The Pool which was the Anthem for The American Verison of Queer As Folk was at the Top of The Pops  along with Top of The Charts .  Her latest has already been in the tops of the charts with Starfleet Music Record Pool. 

Feel It’  from DJ Producer legend Nicky Roland is the quintessential disco down vibed song your ears need. A song that would have packed the floor at Studio 54!  Nickys  Dance Music legacy started with Dance Nights  Underground Clubs in the UK rivalling those of the Ministry of Dance. 

The Sky Is Falling.. The new Hit Banger from Sarah Sunday!  Sarah Sunday has just come out with the well awaited arrival of Her 4th and Most Brilliant Single Apply Titled::     TSIF  – THE SKY IS FALLING –  This latest release is fun filled Alt Pop with a tune that will stick in your head the moment you listen to it. 

Rap Artist Tay Solo bridges the lyrical gap between rhyme and prose, his songs are a musical journey  reminiscent of Eminem’s early days. Tay gives that fresh infusion to the music scene in an age where the common lick comes out every day in droves.  Originally from the Philly suburbs but currently residing in Florida, Tay Solo has been developing his craft and integrating his style with the artists that inspired him, thusly Resulting in  crafty word play.

Guy  Snowdon & The Citizens who  give that refreshing take on Rock with Anthem Guitars accompanied by sharp vocals. Their sound is a great homage to their musical Predecessors of the 70’s and 80’s   when rock really ruled; it’s never more clear than in their latest single Desert that you’ll hear that obeisance  Guy puts it best as what inspired him to write this song…

Not since Sir Mixalot has an artist achieved such masterful symphonic, connoisseurship  prose of the Booty!  Pinhead’s infusion of hip hop and electro funk jumps out at you in his latest hit “Don’t F**K With My DJ”. Poised to be another Top of The POPS hit on the charts following in the footsteps of his last one “Big Butt” which was #1 at Starfleet Music Record Pool Charts that rival Billboard. 

With Rhythm and Rhymes that take you back to the iconic days of MTV when Hip Hop  and Rap was just emerging to the masses, Michael Seuss echoes the sounds of  LL Cool J, NAS , Method Man, and Jay Z.!  His lyrical prowess is a fresh infusion to the usual lick that comes out today.  With lyrics that flow in verse Michael was inspired to pay An homage to the great poet himself Dr Seuss and has taken the surname in his professional career. 

Little Joe Bourgeois! That Blues  infused Country  sound he belts out was  Influenced by the likes of  Blues and Country greats B.B. King, Robert Johnson, Doc Watson, Joe Pass, Mississippi John Hurt, Jimi Hendrix and Danny Gatton.  His latest single “Blues For Ronnie” pays homage to his musical influences.

Michele Sarto (“Mike” to those closest to him; other people just can’t pronounce the name properly) is best known for his alias of Kish Kollectiv  he also is known as South Central Positronics. His releases under this guise are more SciFi related but not your run of the mill science fiction but more  along the lines of Dime Novel Pulp Fiction tradition.  It’s a SciFi theatrical musical journey.