Since its founding in 1976 Athena Talent Management has been a leader in shaping and guiding the careers of not just actors, but musicians, comedians, authors and others.  Founded by Gloria Tait, Athena Talent has been at the forefront of shaping the careers of those in the entertainment business.  JoinedContinue Reading

With the recent happenings on twitter from cheapening the blue check to a vanity badge, celebrities leaving and advertisers suspending or leaving it will soon be irrelevant to musicians, actors, etc.  I’ve been a publicist since before computers and the internet was a thing and way before Twitter was aContinue Reading

With A Musical Merge The DML Conspiracy ( an acronym for the artist name  Dodd Michael Lede)  puts forward an upbeat variety of Rock Music which draws listeners from across generations and genres. Bringing New Sounds and Ambitions  Crossing genres from Rock to Pop it’s a musical flavour for all~“IContinue Reading

With Bluesy Pop Rock riffs infused with jazz and harmonica sounds, Bob Jeter has got a little of that Don Henly and Tom Petty vibe. In an age where too much music sounds exactly the same, this is something refreshing – not the same usual lick and loop one isContinue Reading

Books are fundamental; an escape from reality, a chance to breakaway from the rigors of the world. There is nothing like losing oneself in a good book, from relaxing at the beach to wrapped up in a warm blanket by the fireplace. Author Timothy Dalton takes you on a journeyContinue Reading

Time to get spooky~   We all need some great dance tunes for that Halloween Party or when we are pumped up on Candy Corn and Chocolate. Here are some great Bone Chilling Tunes that will Raise the Dead`   Dancin’ Lights Part 2 is the first new dance song inContinue Reading

Life is but a Stream….  Stream the Music…   Here are some artists that you need to check out, stream their songs….  Nothing puts one in a better mood than music that gets your blood pumping~ Dancin’ Lights Part 2 is the first new dance song in a few years fromContinue Reading

His Name is Lewca~ His Music is a Banger!  This is something you have to check out~  Lewca takes you back to the Progressive Music of the late 80’s to  early 90’s with a fusion of Rock, Post Punk and New Wave. It’s The music you would slam dance toContinue Reading

Get on up and Dance y’all …  be some dancin  Muthas!  Everyone loves to shake a tail feather, from let’s go to the hop to Disco Down and the mosh pit~  Here are some artists that you need to check out, stream their songs and spin under the Mirror Ball! Continue Reading