Calliope from Athena International is set to launch soon!~  Calliope is the hub for finding not only your favourite but your next favourite Podcasts and Audio Fictions; be part of the  New Golden Age of Radio as  Audio Fictions are set to be at a popularity level not seen sinceContinue Reading

A&R Consultancy/Artist Development From The Balfour Agency $800   3 month duration   Our goal is to nurture your talent, refine your skills, and help you thrive in the competitive music landscape.  The Artist Development programme is focused on identifying your next steps and taking action, which means being honest about whatContinue Reading

The Old School Way to do PR is making a comeback, with the downfall of Twitter to a shadow of its former self and the algorithms of Instagram as so stacked against the average user unless you either pay for their promotion or  know what hashtags to use and piggybackContinue Reading

Are you one of  Y Bonheddwyr,  the well born? The untitled nobility of the old north Yr Hen Ogledd  one of the hen bendefigaeth which is the class just below the Gwledig, the Arglwydd/Arlwydd (Kings/Princes/landholders, Lords etc) The untitled noble class are the offspring both legitimate and illegitimate (both hadContinue Reading

With a style that few artists have, the Western African inspired RnB/ Pop AfroBeats  music of Meaku belts out another hit that will undoubtedly put you in the “chill and sexy vibes’ ‘ zone! The follow up to his first viral hit “Hybrid Vibe” will continue his trend of gainingContinue Reading

Over 10 thousands songs come out on a daily basis but not all of it is worth your time listening to, so how does one navigate through the music tidal wave that crashes the sea of music? Rather than go through the gambit of hit or miss Crash Bang WallopContinue Reading

Renowned and world famous artist, Prince Thierry Singer de Polignac Spencer proudly announces the launch of his Agency in partnership with Unissons Les Arts~   The Thierry Singer de Polignac Spencer  Event Agency  encompass and represents the artistic spearhead for whole world;  countries and cultures presented in diverse showcases; embracingContinue Reading