Discover Music Monthly… DM(2) A Old New Way Is BACK

Discover Music Monthly by CBWzine, The Balfour Agency and Athena Talent Management. 

Based on the newest numbers there are 60,000 songs being uploaded to Spotify every day. That’s almost 22 million tracks per year. A study has shown that of these, 1.2 million songs were released through major labels. DIY artists released 9.5 million tracks, meaning eight times as many.  That does not include the tracks that get released on other platforms.    How are you going to get YOUR music Discovered? Chances are you will get lost in the mix and only a few hundred will actually ever hear your song that you put so much time and effort into.  The solution is PR!   PR helps  you and your music stand out and get noticed more,  discovered more than people who do not have.  Being a former Talent Scout of EMI (UK) Records from 90-92 and Publicist since 1992 (trained by 2 of the PR icons of all times Lynn Franks PR & Shirley McLean PR)  added in time as a DJ  and Record Producer. Prior to that I was in 2 New Wave bands between 1985-1989 I know the Music Biz.

The new Discover Music Monthly is a take on a project I worked on with the former CMJ and their New Music Monthly, in the early days of CDs where they would send out a CD  with 20-25 tracks on it from different artists; it would accompany their print magazine and have features on the artists. CMJ MM was an effective way to introduce people to new music that they have not yet discovered and learn a wee bit about those bands too. Indie artists, Indie labels and the majors ( and PR firms) too took advantage of this new way to get their artists exposure on mass in addition to conventional PR. This was not a free service as it was akin to an advert 

DM(2) works in a similar way: Every Month every “Virtual CD” (VCD)  will include up to 25 artists with their latest hits that need to be discovered.  It is distributed via a deal with INgrooves/UMG and will be available on platforms worldwide.  A collective Press Release mentioning all artists and songs, Collective and Individual write up and interviews with our sister publication (akin from the famous British phrase Crash Bang Wallop). The link to the VCD will be the first thing posted in the articles on press media.  Accompanying social media support for the month where artists, associated labels and PR’s will be tagged with links when applicable.  The collective Press Release will also be placed in around a dozen music and entertainment blogs.  IN lieu of a Playlist (as there are too many out there and kind of jip anyways) the currently monthly VCD will be placed out every day on social media with artists etc tagged when applicable  after the initial month that VCD will be posted once a week so people continue discovering music.  Relevant target specific hashtags will be used along with piggy backing on key ones, this is part of a Strategic move in social media that takes its hint from the OG PR  “Whispering Campaign”  Lastly the POV Podcast where the musician tells his story  in about 15 minuets, the podcast is via Anchor and streams on 16 platforms. 

The Package includes…   Musicians, dj, labels, PR’s send in the music that they want  music to appear on the Virtual CD , it must be in320 kbps WAV file (one song  only please), the bio of the artist and social ID’s along with cover art (which is used for social  media and press only)  They have to fill out the form that will be sent to them as well.  Social media IDs are needed too.  Everything else in our hands at CBWzine & The Balfour Agency.  Questionnaires will be sent for musicians to answer, also needed is the inspiration behind the song/music. 

Continually transforming in the world of PR  taking the best of the Old School ways infusing with the new. 

Enquiries and to sign up please email  or