His Name is Lewca~

His Name is Lewca~ His Music is a Banger!  This is something you have to check out~  Lewca takes you back to the Progressive Music of the late 80’s to  early 90’s with a fusion of Rock, Post Punk and New Wave. It’s The music you would slam dance to in the club to the wee hours of the morning. 

“It’s music for an ageing jilted generation, kids from the eighties, who still see the twisted beauty of the world in the grey sunlight feebly shining through the morning rain after an all nighter, even though they know that soon the kids will be up, and worse still, eventually, they will have to go work. “

Stream the new song here or on your favourite Streaming Platform~ Make sure to check out his other songs too, there are other releases and collaborations on the way very soon.

Lewca was born in a squat in Brixton, by age nineteen he was living in a squat in Paris, go figure… After studying fine art and dabbling in film, he started making music just before he was too old to die young. His influences range from class A drugs to expensive rum, and also The Clash, The Streets, Ian Dury, ASAP Rocky, the Sleaford Mods, LCDSoundsystem, Bob Dylan, Eminem, Tom Waits, whoever is making decent music. After being in a few bands that fell apart for the usual reasons, Lewca decided to go it alone in 2018. Although he collaborates with a bunch of different musicians on his projects (most often ex band members) his main partner in crime is S.O.A.P. a Parisian drum & bass DJ & Beatmaker that Lewca met when they shared a billing at a gig together in 2013.  

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