Poppa Foster and the Grits Releases Music Video “Lemonade”

It’s from the newly released LP, “Gravy Baby”

I had this sixth grader Tony, who was always trying to freestyle over the ending, and was having a rough go of it…I asked him if he wanted me to write him a rap and he said ‘Sure.’ ”

— Christopher Foster

Poppa Foster and The Grits have officially released their music video “Lemonade” this week. Filmed in Osage County, Oklahoma and directed by Dane Arnold, the video shares the song’s sweet love for a cold drink on a sweaty summer day with a children’s lemonade stand and hints of a new line dance craze called “The Stir.” Watch it HERE.

“The song reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting,” explains Christopher ‘Poppa’ Foster. “Simple and sure, with bright colors. Though it starts off ‘I need a drink,’ it’s actually very innocent — about lemonade.”

“We got the kids involved,” director Dane Arnold remarks. “Kids are the future. In the video, they are making money. Little entrepreneurs and they’re good at it — counting up all their money.”

An introduction to “The Stir” line dance appears several times in the video. Coming soon is another Poppa Foster and The Grits video featuring the dance with a how-to.

Foster wrote the music for Lemonade on a trip to Miami, inspired by the culture and chill of a South Beach vacation. He finished the tune a few months later, driving the Tulsa streets with no air conditioning in the sweltering Oklahoma summer, where he pulled over and added the lyrics.

The rap section (included only in the video and single version) was added later when he was leading an elementary school choir. “I had this sixth grader Tony, who was always trying to freestyle over the ending, and was having a rough go of it,” says Foster. “I asked him if he wanted me to write him a rap and he said ‘Sure.’ I brought it in for the next rehearsal and he loved it.”

Born in New Orleans, Foster has been an entertainer since early childhood. He began playing piano at four years old and writing songs by the time he was seven. The raspy-voiced front man is currently recognized as a songwriting stalwart in the community.

With a spirit of musical celebration, Poppa Foster and The Grits debut album, Gravy Baby, is “a collection covering the Tulsa Sound, Memphis blues and the NOLA funk triangle,” states Foster. The dynamic jazz-infused melodies of the French Quarter merge with horn arrangements inspired by Stax and the bustling soundscape of the dynamic ensemble’s hometown of Tulsa. Written and produced by Poppa Foster, the LP harnesses a rhythmic troupe exploring the deep roots in this region’s heritage with lifetimes of influences.

The “Lemonade” music video marks the third video release from the LP Gravy Baby, following “Hard to Get” and “Dervish.” Watch all the videos on the band’s website HERE.

“Savory cuts of blues, roots rock and brass band influences simmer with Foster’s soulful and occasionally oddball songwriting spices. The recordings sizzle with jamboree adrenaline thanks to the solid mixing and mastering. This is a label-grade dish even if it is a fully independent release.” – OKLAHOMA GAZETTE

“With a rhythmic pounding of the keys, the song joyously takes on to life’s simple pleasure of yearning for “cool and squeezed sweet lemonade” on a hot summer day. It is reminiscent of Dr. John, with soulful female vocals in sync with Dixieland-horns” – MICHAEL TAUB, ALWAYS INNOVATION

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