Artist Development & Management ReLaunched @ Athena Talent Mngt

Since its founding in 1976 Athena Talent Management has been a leader in shaping and guiding the careers of not just actors, but musicians, comedians, authors and others.  Founded by Gloria Tait, Athena Talent has been at the forefront of shaping the careers of those in the entertainment business.  Joined up by Al Balfour Geiner who comes from a Music Industry background from Talent Scout for EMI (UK), artist management and publicity. 

Athena Talent Management is getting back into music artist management and development.   Combined both have worked with such artists as Iron Butterfly, Spy VS Spy from Australia, Michael Sembello,  Joe Satrani, Right Said Fred, The Ohio Players, DJ Steven Lee of Lee Cabreara, DJ Steven Geller and numerous others. Gloria Tait has also produced rock shows, rock musicals and rock operas starting in the early 70s’,

Joining in on a consultancy basis is legendary actor, Music Producer and 60/70’s Pop Star Steve Rowland; also currently working with  Joe Isgro, world famous Music Producer. 

Athena Talent Management is currently working with the Argentinian Symphony~

From musicians to DJs the goal is to level up your career, at some point you have to decide what kind of artist or DJ you want to be.  Someone who does the “local” scene or do you have bigger aspirations?  What does a Personal Manager do?  Besides negotiating deals on your behalf (which everyone needs as there are no friends in the music business) there is Artist development that focuses on 

  • Strategies to create and release music for fan base building
  • How to develop your music for a series of release campaigns
  • How, when and what you should release
  • Help build your career for long-term success
  • Development of your artistic voice and sonic identity
  • Develop your music and songs to create a body of work
  • Making sure  your music is  right before you even think about choosing a release date or doing ANY
  • How  select your music for release 
  • Image .. how to have the right look  from press photos, cover art and stage presence 
  • Shopping to labels 
  • Negotiating on your behalf 
  • Help you get a Publicist (publicist and managers are TWO different things a publicists job is to get you media coverage and make strategic moves to get the word out on you and your musical talent. Publicists cost anywhere from $200 and UP a month depending) It is ESSENTIAL to have a Publicist in a industry where 60 thousand songs come out on a daily basis
  • Managers are NOT Agents we do NOT book, we Negotiate your bookings, we do however work with Agents and can help you get one. You DO need PR aka a publicist to get a buzz going NO Agent worth their salt will work with you unless you have some type of Buzz going on. Being big with a Social Media Vanity is NOT the same

Athena Talent Management (ATM) has been around for over 30 years, headed by Gloria Tait, one of the very first women managers in Hollywood. Before that she got her start in the biz in 1976 when she started as an Agent. From the very start Gloria has worked with musicians, authors along with Actors. The affiliated PR partner The Balfour Agency was started in 1992.

Having a manager helps you to grow, develop and navigate the industry along with opening  you up to new opportunities and pushing your career to new heights by offering our years of experiences and connections.  WE are here to level up artists at all stages of their careers~ It is important to have a Publicist along with your Management, by using the affiliated Balfour Agency (an Athena Talent Mngt partner) you get over 30 years of experience behind your career.

Athena Music also offers 2 different distribution options,,,,, send enquiries along to the email beloq

New Website is in the works and will launch early 2023 in the meantime enquiries on how to take your music to the next level can be sent to Athena Talent VP