John Michael Ferrari’s “Paint You A Love Song” is  Made for Fairytales

An unconventional wedding gift: a song. Singer/songwriter, John Michael Ferrari was approached by a close friend with the hopes of getting Ferrari to perform in his wedding. Rather than simply singing a song that has already been released, Ferrari did what he assumed obvious as a songwriter and wrote his dear friends a song. Ferrari shares, “I thought it would be nice to write one for him and his new bride. ‘Paint You A Love Song’ was truly a gift from God.” 

With immense pressure to write and perform a beautiful song meant for the wedding of his friends dreams, Ferrari wrote, “Paint You A Love Song.” The song is an emotional and expressive work of art that uses imagery and angelic instrumentals to portray a love story meant for fairy tales. 

With his first album released in the early 90’s, John Michael Ferrari has perfected his craft throughout the years of writing and producing music. Ferrari brings cross-genre storytelling to the table for listeners and fans. With sophisticated lyrics masked in child-like dreaming, “‘Paint You A Love Song’ uniquely says I love you by painting a love song signed with the colors of the rainbow,” explains the longtime artist. 

“Paint You A Love Song” may be a story of John Michael Ferrari’s two friends’ relationship; however, listeners don’t need to know the couple in order to imagine the love experienced between the couple. You can listen to “Paint You A Love Song” now on your favorite streaming platform, including YouTube: 

Listeners are let straight into a beautiful love story and you can experience it too by listening to “Paint You A Love Song” out now on John Michael Ferrari’s album “My Heart Can’t Breathe” on all streaming platforms. For more on Ferrari, check out and follow him on social media.