Nied’s Hotel Band Are Spirited And Captivating On “We’re Just Fine”

Sometimes, we need to get up and moving. I can’t think of a better motivator than dance worthy, groovy music. It’s great when music is deep and moving, but another stellar benefit to music is that it can be fun and uplifting. It can change your mood and brighten your day, and I think we need that in our lives. You can find that lively sound in the song “We’re Just Fine” by Nied’s Hotel Band.

Made up of spirited vocals and an immensely captivating instrumental, “We’re Just Fine” is the song you have to get up and groove to if you hear it live at your favorite venue. They’re a riveting band that builds off each other’s energy, putting on a show whether it’s live or in the studio. Those bands are the type to go far, to captivate listeners and their audience in a way that other bands can’t.

One of the most impressive parts of this song is the gripping guitar solo. You can feel it in your chest, and you can’t help but close your eyes and sway to it. Music that takes over your whole body is the epitome of impactful music, and Nied’s Hotel Band will turn your day or night around.

–Mia DeSine