Bonnie Milne’s “New Beginnings” Worth A Thousand Words

Everyone has heard the phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words. I believe that all forms of art are fluent in touching the soul and tugging at the heartstrings, and I also believe that instrumentals are worth a thousand words as well. Maybe even more.

Bonnie Milne’s riveting piano piece “New Beginnings” paints a picture of hope and promise. It’s the soundtrack of walking up a hill. You can’t see the top yet, but you know that the most beautiful view awaits you. It’s a push to keep going, to embrace a new view, a new beginning.

Paired with gentle strings, Bonnie’s skillful piano playing draws you in and keeps you locked in a mindset of awe and optimism. Being able to take a message and convert it into a beautiful musical piece is a talent that should be far more applauded. Musicians like Bonnie have a gift, and we’re lucky that they’ve shared it with the world.

–Mia DeSine