What’s On With Bad Bubble Music

Mysterious and Unknown the artist behind Bad Bubble Music puts out music that will take you back to the early days of Synth Music. Echoing the roots of The Pet Shop Boys, Erasure and Depeche Mode it’s clear that Bad Bubble has resurrected the true sound of New Wave.  The latest release Galaxy Girl is just out, stream wherever you listen to music or via the link.

From Bad Bubble~ “I’ve played in various punk bands growing up. Nothing notable. As a matter of fact, I’ve been trying to forget that period. At most we would play some parties. Basically a glorified band practice at someone’s house or backyard. When that thankfully ended, I started my first stint at writing music for a new wave project which lasted a couple of years. The band, although talented and moderately hardworking, saw zero success. .After that I became so disgusted with not only the direction I was headed in (or lack thereof) but just the music business at that time, I decided to quit. I did not play a single note for almost 10 years. Summer of 2021, I had some friends over for a get together.This was the first time I had anyone over in years.  Around this time was when I knew I had to do something to try to tell a story I knew I had to tell. But I didn’t know the modem. I had contemplated writing a book. But I remembered I play music as well. After hearing of what technology is actually available and affordable, I decided if I’m going to record, buy what you really need. So I purchased everything I used to create a catalogue of 160 songs needed to tell the story. However, I didn’t take into account the learning curve on several different instruments. So I asked whoever I could. Watched tutorials on whichever i needed, and just learned. But mostly trial and error. I had to learn recording on a mixer. Playing synths for the first time proved difficult, but with some guidance I was able to get it down pretty well. Most of what I did early on was simply doing the best I could with no “wise old man” to ask. I just figured it out and made it work. As I went on, I became very proficient and prolific. I was turning out 4-7 songs in a 24 hour period to be sent off to 1 of 3 engineering teams. I became a tad obsessed with writing. But the quality never suffered. I improved as I went along. I was supposed to just “keep up” with deadlines as we went along from 1/22-12/22. I had the entire 2 year project completed. I could now focus on writing and weeding out the mediocre songs and replacing them with “singles” or better quality, which I’ve done. Now I can dedicate myself to leisurely writing and networking…”

The story behind the musical anthology…

Inspiration behind Galaxy Girl. In album 2 

In album 1, we learned 2 characters, “I” and “Autumn”. they were married but should not have been. Two souls not meant for each other. Future 9 was a look into the past of “I” to get an idea of where he came from. Future 9 is a goodbye and farewell to “Autumn” where “I” accepted responsibility for the marriage debacle. Socks Off is a look into the future for “I”. And it is not good. “I” decides to throw both middle fingers into the air, he swears off women, his nosedive begins with drugs and hyperfocusing on his childhood and the music and places he used to love.. He becomes socially awkward from a developing mental illness and finds himself in isolation. Surrounded by no one but himself and his own thoughts day after day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. It is then he realised something. He confronts his feelings towards the other main character of the story. An old fling, “Underscore”. He starts wondering what happened to her. They had a daughter together, Anna. Unfortunately and tragically, Anna did not survive. “I” starts seeing “Underscore” as his one chance at a family. More and more time goes on and he realises he loves her. But he has no idea how to find her and what to do when he does. 

Galaxy Girl is “I” telling himself he doesn’t want to be in love with her anymore. He will have to step outside of his comfort zone and find her. Which is an act not without risk, which will be addressed in Album 7. 

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