Interview With Michelle Ward

 Michelle Ward echos the vocal prowess of classic soul and Jazz singers. The sultry crooners of days gone by are revived in Her debut single “Dolly Daydreaming”. Poised  to rise to the Top Of The Pop  this is the first song from her forthcoming EP “Secret Songs.

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Hailing from London UK…. Singer, songwriter and radio presenter. Working in  the background of the music scene  but she was always singing. She began recording a few years ago with her own original material. She  was given my best mate’s keyboard and has  used that for most of my songs along with the guitar. Her style is  pop/soul/jazz/vibey/reggae/pop a mishmash of influences. Writing emotions out of her songs and so put it to bed (hopefully) Michelle works alongside the amazing Ed Rome (Producer) they find a pathway for the music building up the song in layers; she sings some parts for musicians to copy, and takes guidance when needed. cultimiating in Whatever flows flows. 

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How did you get involved in music? 
I wanted to have singing lessons with a very famous singing teacher. Unfortunately, when I rang for lessons there was a 2 year waiting list. A few months later I was on a train going up to visit my friend’s parents, Opposite me there was a rather eccentric woman who started talking to me. She was funny, honest, outrageous, a real character. I warmed to her immediately. She told me her name and it was the singing teacher I’d been trying to book lessons with! I have a lot of synchronistic events in my life and this was one! I explained who I was and how I had contacted her office. “Darling” she said “you must have lessons with me”. So I did. Through her I met and joined my first band, getting me into music properly and also met my soulmate. My music journey started with a train journey. 

When did you make music a priority? 

Making original music became a priority for me only in the last few years. I wanted to get something original out there, something I had made. I have held myself back by my own doubt and really the only person to blame for not releasing music earlier is myself. When you create something, you have to believe in what you’re doing. I am releasing music now and will continue on this musical path.

What inspires you daily to write & record music?

People, situations and what’s happening in the world. I also have a muse or two!  The people who got under my skin. I write out the pain, disappointment, joy, love. Is it healing? Sometimes. I do not write every single day, it can be weeks or months in between songs and then a batch of songs appear. I also write pieces, a chorus, a verse, then come back to it to finish or take it to the studio to finish. Writing lyrics, melodies to other people’s music, a hook, I can do that all day long and quickly! 

what’s unique about your music.. what sets it apart?

I am not trying to sound like anyone else. I have influences and musicians I greatly admire but my songs really do have a life of their own. I write a variety of styles, so whatever comes out comes out. 

I cannot read a note of music, chords go together because I like the sound of them, so maybe chords go where they are not expected to travel. To build a song from the ground up I have to be inspired.  My influences are soul, jazz, pop, funk, reggae so my music is a mish mash of those along with harmonies, layers. My voice has hints of other artists but it is mine alone. 

What’s your favourite and least favourite part about being a musician?

Recording in the studio with Ed Rome that creative energy and listening to every single sound, manipulating sounds. When people come up to me after a gig and say they loved it.  Writing a new song and getting over excited about it lol 🙂 

Least favourite, sometimes… I have been a cover gigging musician for years and spend a lot of time doing solo gigs. I miss other musicians being around on those gigs. Dragging a p.a. system to a gig, setting up, setting down. Most gigs are fabulous with a super crowd reaction, then you get those gigs, you can be singing your heart out to a room of people who are chatting, laughing, couldn’t care less if you were singing or not. Shutting my eyes, I’m wishing I was at Ronnie Scott’s or Jazz Cafe instead 🙂 

Name 1-2 highly influential musicians that you listen to & respect?

Bluey, the man behind Incognito, is a hero of mine and also a friend. The music he makes has and will be an inspiration to me. Kate Bush for making incredible original music. She did a live show a few years back, I never went to see her but my friend did and said it was the best gig of his life. Stevie Wonder is a genius! 

When it comes to how the music enthusiast listens to your album do you prefer they buy or stream and why? 

I would say to anyone wanting to support my music to buy and to stream it. Streaming earns you more or less nothing but builds up your listening numbers (therefore attracting more people to listen). Buying a track earns you probably 1.00 a track and can go back into the next project.

To write, produce, record, distribute and promote music is expensive but then like most of my unsigned musician friends, we do music because it’s part of who we are, we love it, we want to share it and we will always find a way to share it regardless.