Louisiana Artist On The Rise!

Residing from his home town of Harvey Louisiana, Pookie G is no stranger to the big stage. Garland Allen, aka Pookie G has recently jumped onto the rap scene, and is already finding a wave of early success. His most recent collaborations with well known artists such as Atlanta native Young Scooter, Leaf Ward of Philadelphia & Also Prince Dre of Chicago are just a stepping stone of what’s to come from the Louisiana Native. His most recent projects include his first mixtape “ Hotter Than The Summer” followed by an opener EP “ I’m Not A Rapper” which are both placed on Apple Music. 

Growing up in Louisiana, Pookie G was inspired by New Orleans native and hip hop legend Lil Wayne. Pookie says that the Young Money superstar was a major influence on his career and is one of the key components on why he decided to to pick up the mic. 

Pookie G looks forward to bringing that spark to the music industry and feels his authenticity and life style connects with people causing him to relate to anyone that’s a truly hustler and passionate about their music. Pookie G also states that he believes he is in fact a long term artist that puts business first and dedicates his time efforts into his music in hopes of one day fully supporting his community and family. It’s safe to say that the Louisiana native has the confidence and mindset to be great and impact this industry for years to come. With the reoccurrance of multiple hurricanes (Hurricane Katrina, 2005 and Hurricane Ida, 2021) Pookie G hopes to relocate to LA where he can gain the exposure he seeks and show the world that he’s not just a “rapper” but an overall entertainer.https://instagram.com/_pookieggg?utm_medium=copy_link