Gigi Vega – “Down Crazy”

Gigi Vega creates the true embodiment of the perfect summer jam with the stunner “Down Crazy”. Volume is a given for her voice has a tremendous force of nature to it. Right in the very core of it her presence proves to be the true highlight. Everything works in service of her talent, from the bouncing blast to the infectious hooks that underpins her delivery. With an approach that has a great degree of undeniably joyful decadence to it, the song has a purely carefree attitude. A neon-hued bliss seems woven directly into the rest of the piece, as the synthesizers dart on through in a gorgeous manner.

The wild unhinged spirit draws a bit from Beyonce’s undeniable soothing soulful work. Like her, Gigi’s voice has a sultry quality. Additionally, lyrics are chosen with care to make sure that each verse hits hard. Beyond this flair, there is a welcoming quality to it that brings to mind some of Drake’s best work. However, much of her approach does have a uniqueness to it, for she makes sure that it absolutely towers over the rest of the sound. When all of this is taken together as a whole, the result is a series of wonderful layers to get completely lost in.

From the first moment, the song’s atmosphere comes into view. Every single thing works in its favor. At first, in a bit of dub, the track gets into focus quickly. Upon the inclusion of her voice, the entire piece absolutely blooms. She draws on a physical sensation that adds to the muscular, get up on the dance floor, aspect. Beats virtually crush everything in their path for they help to punctuate her words with such force. Much of the song oozes with a distinct kind of lust, the sort of yearning that makes the club such a draw. Growing ever more massive, by the very end of it the whole of the work seems ready to burst at the seams.

A true party starter of a track, Gigi Vega demands the listener’s attention on the celebratory “Down Crazy”.

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