How Distryx Music Went From 0 To 200,000+ Subscribers In One Year

Distryx Music, a YouTube music channel with over 250,000+ subscribers and 90,000,000+ views was an overnight success. Distryx Music was founded by Varin Lal on December 9th of 2019 and one year later on December 9th of 2020, Distryx Music hit 200,000 subscribers. So 

you may be wondering how this was all possible. For the first three months of Distryx Music being founded they saw little success on the lyric videos they uploaded. When March 2020 came around, Distryx Music had only around 200 subscribers. At this time, the worldwide quarantine had just taken effect and millions of people were at home and looking for music videos to watch on YouTube. This is when they decided to start creating TikTok Mashups incorporating trending TikTok audios for millions of people to watch. In just under 2 months, Distryx Music went from 200 subscribers to 100,000. For the rest of 2020 they uploaded daily TikTok mashups, accumulating over 200,000+ subscribers and 50,000,000+ views by December

of 2020. In 2021 Distryx Music decided that they are going back to their original roots by creating lyric videos. This decision is working very well for them, as their most popular video is a lyric video on SoFaygo’s Knock Knock, currently at 32 million views. Distryx Music is definitely a channel to keep on the radar for massive growth in the upcoming years.