From Canada “With Love:” Tia McGraff Releases New Single and Video

 With the September 3rd release of her latest EP “With Love,” Ontario-based folk singer-songwriter Tia McGraff has proven that she’s in top form. The first single, “Go Your Own Way” reached the iTunes country songs chart Top 15, amassing 37K Spotify streams. It won the 2021 Posi Empower Award for Social Justice. Meanwhile, another track from the EP, “Nighthawk” was awarded a 2022 Posi Empower Award for Peace. All totaled, songs from “With Love” have gained well over 100K Spotify streams, in less than 3 months of release.

Now, Tia is issuing the 2nd single and video from “With Love.” The title track continues where “Go Your Own Way” left off, delivering an upbeat and positive message in a concise 3 ½ minute-radio-friendly length.

Tia says, “With love,’ and with a little help from our friends around the world, this video has captured the message of hope and unification Kevin Fisher, Tommy Parham, and I intended to achieve.”

Watch “With Love” at

ABOUT TIA MCGRAFF: Tia McGraff is a multi-talented, award-winning singer, songwriter, performer, author and podcast host from Southern Ontario, Canada. Along with her husband and co-writer Tommy Parham, the skilled songstress has been making impactful and thought-provoking art for well over a decade. Bringing together a burning passion for the art of music and an honesty that is long lost on today’s modern charts, Tia McGraff is a trailblazer in her genre; one whose efforts have made her a beloved figure on the international music scene.

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