Check out Lethia’s Natorium and their Climate Change Single, “You Lived Here like a Tenant”

Lead singer and songwriter Pena has put together a crack team of session musicians to form his successful band, Lethia’s Natorium. Drawing from a diverse list of influences, including Siouxsie and the Banshees, Blondie, No Doubt, The Smiths and more, the band has released their single, “You Lived Here like a Tenant.” The band is an evolution of Pena’s musical development, having fronted the studio rock band, The Angry Ukelele Project. “The Angry Ukulele Lady” was shrouded in mystery, due to the hidden identity of the artist. With that project receiving positive nods, it gave Pena the courage to emerge out of the shadows and into the spotlight as Lethia’s Natorium.

Recent performances for Lethia’s Natorium include The Bedford River Festival on the Community Stage in July, as well as Milestones, as part of the Cobbles & Cogs Steampunk event at the beginning of September.

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