Country music sweetheart Presley Tennant reveals another side of her with “Mess With My Man,” and we love it. Track 3 on her new EP, “600 Miles,” captures the essence of her protective and loyal nature. A girl-code anthem, “Mess With My Man” elegantly addresses the “Jolene’s” of the world.Continue Reading

Starting from December 12, 2022 L-Rhose new single “Lullaby” is available for streaming and download on the most popular digital music stores. “Lullaby” is a sweet and delicate song, a ballad with a pleasant, harmonious and relaxing taste; it invites not to hide the feelings because sometimes everyone needs confirmation to beContinue Reading

The chart-topping global collective of musicians will release “Without You” on December 16th, 2022. With a mission to bring together talented musicians from all around the world, Harmony Dreamers is a unique musical endeavor led by Byron Lee Scott. With their latest album, featuring a roster of diverse musicians from different fieldsContinue Reading

The OG sound of Synth is back!!! Mike Allen takes you back to the time when Synth Ruled.  In an age where most of the music coming out sounds all the same Mike gives you something refreshing yet familiar that’s not the same old usual lick. Music brings back andContinue Reading

Industrial NuMetal band CROSSBREED is BACK!! After re-forming and playing a handful of sold-out shows last year, “glow-in-the-dark” cybermetal headbangers, and long-time underground favorites, CROSSBREED will release (12-15-22) their first new music after reforming in 2021. For the latest single titled “No F**ks Given”, original singer/frontman James Breed, and longtime keyboardContinue Reading