At the core of human existence is the vulnerable and relatable need to be loved. This desire has led hopeless romantics to coin catchphrases that encapsulate the idea of two becoming one in a romantic partnership. Phrases like, “It’s you and I” can be heard in almost every romance movie.Continue Reading

Gimme Those Country Blues .. Introducing  singer  songwriter Little Joe Bourgeois! That Blues  infused Country  sound he belts out was  Influenced by the likes of  Blues and Country greats B.B. King, Robert Johnson, Doc Watson, Joe Pass, Mississippi John Hurt, Jimi Hendrix and Danny Gatton.  His latest single “Blues ForContinue Reading

Apes of ‘69 (AO69), an NFT project with a strong focus on music, community and creativity, just launched its platform. The AO69 platform celebrates music in all its glory by bringing together young musicians, music producers, record labels, and fans, in the new and exciting world of web3. The project willContinue Reading

VUOLA’s psychedelic, heavy-hitting debut album Alouv will be officially released on Friday, May 13th. The Finnish Rocker’s new album is an amalgamation of psychedelic rock, instrumental virtuosity, vocal passion, and poetic lyrics. Listeners will be captivated by the music which was inspired and awoken by a vision that appeared to the artist, oneContinue Reading

The heart of rock ‘n’ roll is still beating thanks to Guy  Snowdon & The Citizens who  give that refreshing take on Rock with Anthem Guitars accompanied by sharp vocals. Their sound is a great homage to their musical Predecessors of the 70’s and 80’s   when rock really ruled;Continue Reading

The Bootleggers Music Group was created after Founding Member, Paul E Jones lost his business of 18 years due to the Pandemic. Like many people across the globe, Paul found himself, lost, confused, depressed and searching for answers. It was after deep reflection and prayer that Paul realized the World needed toContinue Reading