Hip Hop-influenced Christian artist Lawrence Jamal drops his latest single, “Gospel,” to Christian CHR, Rhythmic, and Christian Rap/Hip Hop-formatted radio outlets today. “Gospel” follows the success of Jamal’s single, “Pick Me Up,” which hit No. 1 on the CRC Weekly chart, No. 2 on CRC Monthly, No. 3 on CRC Quarterly and No. 8 onContinue Reading

EDM is a genre stacked with new artists thanks to its simple barrier of entry, but the ceiling for the genre is also extremely high. When artists break into the genre, they need to have something special that allows them to stand out from the crowd. Today’s artist, Chris Padin, hopesContinue Reading

“Revelation Ground” marks a turning point in Sage’s songwriting and production, merging her lifelong reverence for ’60’s-era folk – a la Leonard Cohen, Pete Seeger and Simon & Garfunkel – with a weathered, hard-won perspective on the sacredness of time itself. Amidst the landscape of the pandemic, racial protest, theContinue Reading