Bernadett Brings Grandfather’s Dream To Life With “Redemption” (Review)

Nyári Bernadett is a world-renowned Violin Virtuoso. As she has been primarily based in her home country of Hungary, Bernadett dreams of also breaking through in the United States, with her music. Bernadett’s latest single is “Redemption” which seeks to offer a modern take on the Violin being the star of an arrangement.

Bernadett ‘s beginnings start in Budapest, Hungary where she was born and trained as a violinist. Her family is musically inclined, but her Grandfather, József B. Suha was a master violinist and composer renowned around the world. Unfortunately, circumstances robbed József of his greatest dream which was to perform his music in the United States. Using this as one of her biggest motivations, Bernadett moved from Hungary, where she is well known and respected, to move to the United states. Here, Bernadett will start from the ground up and build a reputation to rival that in Hungary, and bring her grandfather József’s dream to life through each performance.

The musical stylings Bernadett employs lie in her foundations of classical music; but have transformed into incorporating most popular styles of music of the modern era and her personal favorites. For her new single, “Redemption,” the sounds are modern and the mix is crisp. Starting with an EDM inspired drop and then transitioning to a light piano and violin rising duet that slowly builds more percussion in the back. Finally coming to a release when the main violin melody kicks in, and then the entire song moves into an upbeat and quite jovial violin and EDM dance number. “Redemption” never lets go of the gas afterwards fully leaning into a Neo-classical progression with hip musical twist and turns that would not sound out of place in an underground dance hall or a high quality video game OST. 

There is no doubt that “Redemption” will have listeners grooving along with the positive vibe Bernadett is providing. Bernadett’s Violin prowess and superior musicianship have nothing but potential ahead. József should be filled with pride knowing what his granddaughter, Bernadett, has blossomed into.

–D. Hayes