Mauri Dark’s New Anti-War Music Video Shows The Internal Struggle Of A Wounded Female Soldier

Finnish Singer-Songwriter Mauri Dark releases new music video “Thin Line Of Understanding”. The video is now heartbreakingly real with the Ukraine war.

Mauri Dark says, ” ‘Thin Line Of Understanding’ is about how hard it is to understand another human being and how you can never fully know someone else. You can think of the subject more widely – how different cultures do not understand each other, or how do we understand life. Mutual understanding is a disappearing moment of togetherness. Misunderstanding is easy and can in worst scenarios start a war. 

I have mixed feelings on releasing this video a day after the full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine has started, but in my guts I feel it is just the right time. When I wrote the script in October 2021 the tensions were already building up but I had no idea it would go this far. Sending my deepest sympathies and a message of hope to people in Ukraine from Finland.”

The video was directed by Petri Vilén, screenwriting by Mauri Dark and Taina Kaunisto as the wounded soldier. Track is from Dark’s debut album ‘Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man’. 

Mauri Dark is quickly becoming known for his stark, cinematic, and striking music videos. His music video “Love Will Prevail” has won Best Music Video in Europe Film Festival, Luminous Frames Festival and Golden Wheat Awards and has been selected to many others. Altogether the debut album’s videos have been viewed over 70.000 times.

Mauri Dark says, “Both of my grandfathers served in Second World War against Russia in 1939 to 1940 Winter War and then 1941 to 1944. Both of them got wounded. Finland remained independent. My mother’s dad returned from war with a grenade chip in his head. His personality had changed and he suffered from severe headaches. In April 15, 1960 he blew himself up with dynamite. He was 43, the same age I am now. My mother was 12 when he died. My dad’s dad was a machine gun man. One of the few who survived. They were usually shot at the most. To survive he must have killed a lot of people. It was either kill or getting killed. He never spoke about war. They gave up their home when Karelia region was joined to Russia. They passed on their war traumas to my parents and my parents in a way passed them on to me. My experience of war are the silent mental wounds that last for generations. One leader can ruin millions of lives on both sides of the front.” 

“Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man,” the album, was written, produced, recorded and performed by Mauri Dark. The sound was crafted with Mixing Engineer / Associate Producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Apocalyptica), Two-time Grammy Winning Mastering Engineer Vlado Meller (Metallica, Johnny Cash) and Associate Producer Jussi Vuola.

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Born Mauri Kosonen in 1978 and based in Turku, Finland, Mauri Dark is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, established musician and a professional visual artist. He has recorded 8 albums and performed more than 500 shows in 25 years with different bands. He is best known for 5 albums with metal duo, Mystons. “Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man” is Mauri Dark’s first solo album. It includes a Top 10 South Africa iTunes hit and a Top 20 iTunes UK hit.

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Photos: Petri Vilén, Mauri Dark