Five D Fit Hits Close To The Heart On “Super Galactic”

A neat take on punk pop Five D Fit captures the spirit of the early aughts with “Super Galactic”. For me, the sound hits close to my heart. Growing up the whole of the experience was quite literally my jam. I would blast this sort of music at top volume while driving to and from college. To hear this sort of atmosphere done with such dignity and care, it is doubly reassuring. Within the sound they feature tremendous interplay for they listen to each other, working off each other’s strengths. Best of all are the vocals that rise up above the rest of the din. Nods to groups like Blink 182, Coheed and Cambria, and more filter into the fray.

 Right from the beginning they hold nothing back for they go full throttle in a way that stuns. Blistering through without pause the entirety of the track has a lushness to it. Quite powerful the rhythm has an intensity to it. Everything here features a wonderful blur. Done with dignity the song has a balance to it. The drums pound through helping to anchor everything to it. Full of a great amount of power the layers combine to create something that feels so gracious. Riffs too go for an infectious hook one that never lets up, no matter what level of distortion they bring into the atmosphere.

Five D Fit features a tremendous power with their unhinged fury of “Super Galactic”.