The Terrible Texan Is Staking A Claim In 2022 With Their Self-Titled Debut March 11th & Summer Tour

After rapidly expanding the lineup of The Terrible Texan from the solo project started by Paul Nelson (Vocals/Guitar) in 2021 to include the powerhouse talents of Calvin Hardwick (Lead Guitar) and Avery Hardwick (Bass), the Houston-based Grunge band instantly proved to be a sonic force to be reckoned with. As they released their first savage cuts “Dew” and “Afghanistan” towards the end of the year, the raw & gritty sound of The Terrible Texan was revealed; and every moment they’ve spent together since, has kept them busy refining a set-list of songs stocked with mischief & mayhem unlike any you’ve heard.

Officially being released on every major music platform online – the gripping self-titled debut record by The Terrible Texan arrives March 11th. Through an explosively brooding and moody lineup of songs that unapologetically shakes the walls as it plays, The Terrible Texan is infused with electrified hybrid energy that combines a twisted-metal selection of Alternative & underground vibes, with a Punk & Psychedelic tinge, into an enormously epic experience that attacks stereo systems & speakers from the lefts to the rights.

From awe-inspiring instrumentation, to songwriting with serious substance, The Terrible Texan has left no stone unturned in their attention to the details, and spared no quarter with their hard-hitting sound to make the music they truly want to make into a debut album filled with Grunge second to none.

Launching their first full-scale headlining tour over this summer in support of their brand-new record, The Terrible Texan will be hitting everything from the most major hotspots, to the dankest dungeons on the road in California, Arizona, Nevada, and their home-state of Texas this year. Excited to bring their dynamically versatile sound and wicked spin on Alternative straight to the stages where it belongs – join The Terrible Texan in 2022 as they celebrate the most significant milestone & achievement of their band to-date, and surge throughout the nation thriving LIVE on their way to the very top spot of your playlists.

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