Owning and reclaiming an expletive ExoticNy is a 22 year old artist out of Washington DC. She just dropped a summer banger called “take your whores” out on all platforms…. this single is definitely a vibe pretty much takes those country & hip hop sonics to the  next level.  HerContinue Reading

He’s a pastor, a singer, a songwriter and an amazingly gifted vocalist…Randy Seedorff has been on a roll since the release of the first single from his “Begin Again” album release. “Family Tree” topped international iTunes charts and earned him recognition at the world’s largest indie awards ceremony. With theContinue Reading

Without a doubt, this has been one of the hardest years for musicians in a long, long time. Perhaps ever. COVID-19 absolutely decimated the live event space and many artists who were coming up and booked major shows, opening slots, or festival appearances were left without a plan. Still, inContinue Reading

 Sarantos is back to form after a successful May release, with his latest effort, “EyeBANGing.” The three-and-a-half-minute thrill ride comes complete with a heart pumping EDM instrumental with notes of bubblegum pop and drums & bass. What could have been a simple love song is turned into something more invigoratingContinue Reading

Sath Goodluck is an artist that has been on our radar for quiet some time now. Sath is a thoughtful writer. Since bursting on the scene in 2019 as a member of StuckUp, a music collective from Toronto, Canada. Sath has wowed audiences with his layered songwriting and introspective nature. Now,Continue Reading