Sarantos Is Evocative On Latest Single “A Spoonful Of Greece”

“A Spoonful of Greece”….we’re playing with dangerous territory here in this title. When read, it makes perfect sense! When you see the cover art, boom! You know exactly what Sarantos is aiming for. However, you may hear “grease” instead of “Greece.” That may be hard to stomach for first time listeners. I can’t help but to get Weird Al Yankovich vibes as I listen to this track. The production is exactly what you’d hope for. It’s entertaining, it’s demonstrative, it’s operatic and theatrical. Whether impressionary in nature, derivative, or heartfelt, is tricky to decipher. But, whatever the intent, Sarantos captures it. “A Spoonful of Greece” is littered with Greek references, and Mediterranean musical influence. Lyrically, you hear comparisons to beauty and an idealized experience, but it doesn’t leave you wanting more. The chorus is a bit jumpy and springy. It’s tempered by the more mellow verses which are a welcomed respite. However all along the way you’re still having fun during your listen.

I could see myself listening to this while making a fun Greek meal!! This would be a fun soundtrack, creating the backdrop for a dinner experience for 2. As I listened on repeat, I couldn’t help but hone in on the theatrics of the song. This song would be right at home on the stage as much as it would be on Spotify. I think this is what makes it entertaining. If you’re looking for a song that takes you on a journey, this song has you covered. Both musically and lyrically, this track stands out.

–Park Artistry