Checkout Sath Goodluck

Sath Goodluck is an artist that has been on our radar for quiet some time now. Sath is a thoughtful writer. Since bursting on the scene in 2019 as a member of StuckUp, a music collective from Toronto, Canada. Sath has wowed audiences with his layered songwriting and introspective nature. Now, he’s doing it with his 2 latest records “SUNSET DREAMING” & “rough waves”.

Sath says “It started from poems in class, incorporating metaphors and similes. When I picked up the pen to MC, Kanye was like the god at that time, a lyrical architect. Later on, you find Drake, and you do your research and find Ras Kass and then all the real MCs come to play. You notice that they all have common themes and you see the poetry used, but they have their own distinctions and are telling their own tales. That’s where I put it all together.”
Wordplay, vulnerably, honest lyrics and aggressive bass lines lace “SUNSET DREAMING” creating a record that offers personal reflection. As a member of the collective StuckUp, Sath plans to tell his real story rather than trying to make a catchy pop tune with no substance behind it. Sath’s self-reflection is felt with juxtapositions between family and drugs, creating stingingly honest lyrics. 

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