New Song From ExoticNy

Owning and reclaiming an expletive ExoticNy is a 22 year old artist out of Washington DC. She just dropped a summer banger called “take your whores” out on all platforms…. this single is definitely a vibe pretty much takes those country & hip hop sonics to the  next level.  Her last  drop was an EP titled “Short Summer” consisting of 6 songs that expresses how a extraordinary summer feels like.  With over 70k listeners on Spotify and 70K plus follower s on Instagram ExoticNy is definitely on the road to greatness.  

 She quotes “ My greatest inspiration for my music is the way it makes people feel… gets most excited, happy, free and most in deep thought due to some of my more personal songs.” At the beginning of 2021 she dropped a record titled “Shake That Ass” The song is very party-like, as the name would suggest. The song has an excellent catchy chorus and ExoticNY puts her vocals on display throughout.    This is just the beginning for ExoticNY and her journey as an artist. Be sure to keep up to date with this rising star as she’s set to drop a new album coming late April or early May.

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