‘Cody’ is the brilliant new single from UK Alt-rock band Salvation Jayne. As with the previous single, Violent Silence, it’s taken from the forthcoming debut album, out early 2022. ‘Cody’ once again showcases the bands incredible musicianship behind the soaring vocals of Chess Smith. The track further cements the band’s growing reputation of serious competitors to the crowns of Paramore andContinue Reading

Pamela Ennis, director, writer, and CEO of production company, PK Films Entertainment, has her directorial debut and already is decorated with awards and nominations. With numerous projects under her belt, like Madam B, starring Marla Gibbs and Kristen Aldridge, Pamela Ennis is becoming a force in the industry. The up-and-comingContinue Reading

Heartbreak, betrayal, and redemption, all common themes in the up and coming R&B star ARAZ’s catalogue of refreshingly captivating music. From doing 3 years in a Virginia prison on marijuana charges to signing with BEATHOUSE and PULSE MUSIC GROUP in Los Angeles 2 years after being released, ARAZ is provingContinue Reading

Out of the dark comes the production house, See Your Shadow with their latest single, “Showdown”. It’s a rough and tumble rock tune that’s all about punching up against the ones who look down on you and standing your ground in the face of adversity. It’s a fascinating take, andContinue Reading

1rezort sets the tone, a very powerful one at that with his new single “Faith” marching into the end of the year. There’s not much anybody could’ve done to that song to make it better. Absolutely remarkable! “Faith” helps remind you that it’s truly mind over matter and you can achieve aContinue Reading

1,000 Hours and That’ll Be The Day mashed into one from Rich Chambers the Rock and Roll artist that takes you back to the days of 80’s Rock with that pioneering 50’s Rock N Roll baseline.  “High School Can’t Last Forever” Is the latest release from the Canadian Rocker whoContinue Reading

Since 1991, Italian singer-songwriter, composer and musician, Lorenzo Gabanizza has been building a genre-crossing musical repertoire aimed at challenging listeners’ expectations of popular music. In that time, Lorenzo has amassed more than 200K Spotify streams and 11K monthly listeners, thanks to his chart-topping songs like “Someone Waiting at Their Door,” “Roses InContinue Reading

Rappers nowadays blow up and kick start a lifetime career so quickly thanks to how the internet has leveled the playing field when it comes to making and releasing music. 19-year-old rapper, Blake took advantage of the changing landscape and has benefitted with his song, “Down” with, accumulating thousands ofContinue Reading