Silicon Beach Film Festival ..4 October

Pamela Ennis, director, writer, and CEO of production company, PK Films Entertainment, has her directorial debut and already is decorated with awards and nominations. With numerous projects under her belt, like Madam B, starring Marla Gibbs and Kristen Aldridge, Pamela Ennis is becoming a force in the industry.

The up-and-coming director’s talents extend beyond the big screen. Ennis also is a screenwriter, and distinguished actor in the industry. Ennis is used to breaking boundaries for women in Hollywood. But now she has completed her biggest challenge yet: directing a film starring Academy Award winner Marla Gibbs.

Ennis has been working on the story for “Madam B” and poured so much love, truth and perseverance into the story and film, that the audience cannot help but feel and embrace all of it. Ennis says her goal with directing is to find new talent who are underrepresented in Hollywood and give them opportunities they might otherwise never receive.

“After watching one of Pamela Ennis’ films, I was left with a sense that her work is not only poignant and thought-provoking but also entertaining” – Member

Pamela Ennis, director of the film (and writer and CEO of the production company), just recently won “Best Female Filmmaker” at the Las Vegas Independent Film Festival. She has been awarded with nominations in several other high-profile film festivals including:

  • Best Short Film in the Black Panther Film Festival
  • Finalist In the Venice Short Film Festival
  • Official Selection of the Houston comedy film festival
  • Official selection of the New Waves Short Film

Pamela Ennis is without a doubt a multi talented female filmmaker, who is breaking through and making waves in a male dominated industry. PK Films is still in the business of enlightening, entertaining, and posing compelling questions to audiences globally. Pamela Ennis, a highly trained and sought after filmmaker and producer from LA is breaking through the screen with her unique storytelling. Her work has been featured in festivals all over the country.

Pamela Ennis is a multi talented female filmmaker with a passion for telling stories that are both entertaining and thought provoking. PK Films Entertainment will be showcasing their latest work at the Silicon Beach Film Festival on October 4th from 2-4 PM, so make sure to stop by! You can find more information about this event