Rock N Roll High School~ Rich Chambers


1,000 Hours and That’ll Be The Day mashed into one from Rich Chambers the Rock and Roll artist that takes you back to the days of 80’s Rock with that pioneering 50’s Rock N Roll baseline.  “High School Can’t Last Forever”

Is the latest release from the Canadian Rocker who embodies American Rock N Roll infusing classic rock with alternative rock. 

Best put in his own words…  “High school often seems to represent that moment in our lives where anything is possible. It is our launching pad to life, so to speak. From that point, we all start to make decisions (or don’t make decisions) that ultimately start each of us off down our own unique life path. “High School Can’t Last Forever” is a song that tackles this defining moment in our lives. It begs the notion that those who follow dreams or take chances to go after something often live without regret; whereas, those who are never willing to take a chance or squash their dreams (for whatever reason) often live with regret and find themselves looking back to life’s launching pad (high school), wishing they could launch again. It does this to the backbeat of an under three-minute, timeless, rock n’ roll soundtrack.

I wrote this song looking to merge the sounds and vibes of Green Day and Buddy Holly. Since the song is about innocence, both lost and gained, and how past reflections often determine our paths forward, I consciously chose to merge the sounds of two different rock vibes–one from the past and one from the present to mirror the lyrical theme. Essentially, this is a 3 minute, fast paced, rock soundtrack for all of us to consider how we each define innocence.”

A bit about Rich…. From humble and modest beginnings to redefining 60s and classic rock, Rich Chambers’ musical story is not unlike that of countless other musicians, or anyone in any career for that matter. Discovering a passion for the guitar at age 10, and an even greater passion for songwriting at 14, he embarked on a life-long commitment to music and songwriting. Like any successful individual, he is all about commitment, dedication, hard work, maintaining perspective, and believing in himself. Chambers’ journey has not been without its bumps though. After completing high school, he was so sure he would be the next big thing, until countless nights playing in many cheesy dives, for at best a round or two of cheap draught beer, taught him otherwise. It was then he made an important, life-changing decision—he went back to school, which eventually led to a bachelor’s degree in English and later a master’s degree in Humanities. As Chambers so enthusiastically always says, “education rocks!”

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