Sarantos Delivers Quirky, Endearing Dance Pop On “EyeBANGing”

 Sarantos is back to form after a successful May release, with his latest effort, “EyeBANGing.” The three-and-a-half-minute thrill ride comes complete with a heart pumping EDM instrumental with notes of bubblegum pop and drums & bass. What could have been a simple love song is turned into something more invigorating and slightly more, sensual? Sarantos certainly has a way with words, and while straight up telling his muse she is “naughty and horny” might be jarring on the first listen, his down-to-earth approach and quirky line delivery makes the record endearing and an all-around good time. The single is off of his upcoming album, COVID Survivor, so be sure to keep an eye on the Chicago talent later in the year!

The song is out on July 1st!

–Colton Devonshire