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Frankie XY is a music producer who has quickly risen to fame after releasing a catalogue of various musical influences that have swiftly garnered critical acclaim. He has always been passionate about music but started producing officially in 2017. Ever since then, he continued to expand his creative horizon and broad sonic palette, going for a manifold and boundary-pushing style that knows no equal in terms of power and creativity. The ultimate goal? Creating timeless and incredibly appealing music, something his fanbase applauds him for. Colouring out of the lines and harnessing creative liberty is a hallmark of an eminent producer, a quality that Frankie possesses naturally. After all, he grew up listening to a vast range of sounds, and his diverse taste informed his creative sensibility as a rising music aficionado.

His most recent studio release, Neatly, is a song that he produced for one of the world’s most celebrated hip-hop artists of all time, Drake. The track, produced alongside Bryvn, OG Parker and G.ry, has recently premiered on OVO Sound Radio and will be released to streaming platforms very soon. This upcoming release is a massive milestone for Frankie XY. It feels like a perfect introduction to what he can accomplish by blending the energy of modern rap and the unique melodies of pop and R&B into his production aesthetics. His production style is immediately recognizable, as it kicks off with a very understated yet electrically charged introduction, which sets the mood for what’s about to follow. The arrangements on the tracks he produces are perfectly calibrated, allowing the artists’ vocals to stand out and soar on top of the music. 

Ultimately, Frankie is a genuinely accomplished music producer who showcases a wealth of technical skills, creativity, and a forward-thinking approach to melody. Because of his kaleidoscopic versatility and hugely varied sound palette, Frankie XY comes off as a very talented innovator, someone who knows how to stand out from the average aspiring music producer out there, aiming to do something more intuitive and one-of-a-kind with his notable capabilities and awe-inspiring versatility. His success speaks for itself.

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