A Street Reflection by LadyBoss

Bringing  back The A and B Sides of a Single it’s LadyBoss

Speaking from the heart LadyBoss’  rap style echoes the early sounds of Queen Latifa and Missy Elliot.  Her new songs DOPE and CHANGE  touches on what’s going on with Police brutality and the Blac Lives Matter, it is an important message that needs to be on the hearts and minds of everyone.  LadyBoss and her poignet words bring it.  In her own words the name pulls no punches on the mic and is as deep as her name suggests. The meaning behind the name is simple – “I am a lady who just happens to be a boss”.

Listen to the A and B side here 

Born in Philadelphia PA, LADY BOSS has lived in the war torn North Philly area all of her life. “Struggle has always been part of my reality says LADY BOSS, but it is the struggle that has made me who & what I am today”. At the tender age of 10 she completed her first song “Knowledge Is Power” & would perform it all day long on the Karaoke machine that she had received for Christmas that year.  LADY BOSS spent most of her teen years preparing to be the best female rapper that she could possibly be. She would rap and dance at local events as well as entertain her peers in school. Influenced by some of the greats like Queen Latifah, Da Brat & many others, it was LL Cool J’s “I need love” that made her want to write real life stories which consequently shaped her sound. “I’ve loved music since I was a baby but when hip-hop caught my attention, I couldn’t get enough,” she says. “I just listened to different styles—from artists having fun with it to those that spoke their minds and painted real life stories of their reality.

Thefemme fatale rapper’s buzz continues to grow as she uses the internet & live performances to solidify her name in today’s entertainment industry. “I feel like, if music is your passion, your life, you have to grind hard no matter if you’re male or female,” she says. “My approach is 100 percent, whole-heartedly, either I do it with everything that I got or I don’t do it all.”

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