Cecil Holden

Tight Up Your Game.. the new single from the REEL School Legendary  R&B Soul Singer Cecil Holden comes with the message  “No job is complete until Look at what you’re doing get it right!” 

Check out his latest song here with the music video coming to VEVO soon!

A bit about Cecil’s background: Cecil began to work with many of Chicago’s great musical talents of the time. Curis Mayfield, The Chi-Lites, Gene “Duke of Earl” Chandler, Major Lance and Barbara Aklin were among his early musical mentors. Otis Leavell, one of the leading figures of Chicago soul music, taught him how to produce and record. “Music has been in my soul all my life,” he says. “I knew when I was very young that I was put on this earth to share the talent God gave me”. The Capitol records release of his regional hit with Experience II, “‘Bout Time I Told You” convinced Cecil a move to the west coast was necessary to take the next step. Adopting his stepfather’s last name in tribute and liberated to pursue his own vision, he embarked upon a solo career, refining his studio know-how along with his ever- increasing musical output.

He started singing when he was 6 years  old. Although he had a speech problem and stuttered very badly, through music, he overcame that problem by singing. His mother noticed he was able to sing with a smooth clear voice and that he had a natural ear for music. He was able to remember every popular song played on the radio. At the age of 10 his mother and his aunt took cil to the famous Club Delesa and entered him in a talent contest where he won first prize sing . This show sparked a burning desire and a love for music and an opportunity to become an entertainer and recording artist. For more information on Cecil’s amazing career check out his website. 

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