Miami based R&B artist Miesa just dropped a hypnotic new track entitled “Blind” which is from her upcoming EP and explores the ups and downs of romance and the relatable feelings tied to skewed perceptions during the infatuation stage. Produced by Viirgos, who is known for his work with superstars Arianna GrandeContinue Reading

A new musical excursion from Kepa Lehtinen …Face plant is a six  track mini album of original contemporary classical music written for piano, contrabass, and theremin. . The theremin is an century-old electronic instrument that’s played by hand gestures rather than direct contact. “Nobody uses theremin like I do. ItContinue Reading

Rock and Roll will always be.. Dig it to the End~  Rich Chambers brings back that Classic Rock sound of the 60’s melded with the  80’s, redefining that retro vibe of rock with modern edges.  A little vintage, a melodic time machine that encapsulates the rhythm and vocal prowess ofContinue Reading

Bringing  back The A and B Sides of a Single it’s LadyBoss Speaking from the heart LadyBoss’  rap style echoes the early sounds of Queen Latifa and Missy Elliot.  Her new songs DOPE and CHANGE  touches on what’s going on with Police brutality and the Blac Lives Matter, it isContinue Reading

Tight Up Your Game.. the new single from the REEL School Legendary  R&B Soul Singer Cecil Holden comes with the message  “No job is complete until Look at what you’re doing get it right!”  Check out his latest song here with the music video coming to VEVO soon! A bitContinue Reading

DJ Kris Halo does it once more ~ MIDNIGHT DIVE an Ambient House Driven Downtempo Chill  session.  A Mix to drive the punters mad from Miami Beach to Ibiza, lose your inhibitions then make you Dive in the Pool at MidNight. Already  a hit with Starfleet Music Record Pool youContinue Reading

Unforgettable that’s what it is…  Stromile … rapper.. Producer… music  biz mogul  Hailing from California, Stromile first became involved in music as part of the SIQ Squad collective, where he was nicknamed “Stromile”.  After signing a digital distribution deal with LRT/INgrooves/UMG, Stromile launched his own label Unforgettable Entertainment.  Stromile hasContinue Reading

The NEO-Trad band from Ireland, the Folk Indie driven Band Strings & Things gives traditional folk music  with a Twist!  Following  in the great tradition exporting authentically Irish music that was first brought to the global scene with the Dubliners and the Chieftains along with the Cranberries.  The Tipperary LadsContinue Reading